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DeKalb Professional Firefighters raise money to help fireman burned in house fire

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DeKalb Professional Firefighters raise money to help fireman burned in house fire

DeKalb County Professional Firefighters are raising money to help a fellow fireman who suffered third-degree burns while battling a recent house fire in Smoke Rise.(GoFundMe)

By Madeline Montgomery, Atlanta News First

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) — Three DeKalb County firefighters are still recovering after being burned in a Smoke Rise house fire two weeks ago.

One of them, a father of four with a baby on the way, was just released from the hospital this week.

His colleagues with the firefighter’s union are now coming together to help him and his family out.

Union representative Wyatt Perdomo says the firefighters were making sure no one was trapped in the house on Oxbow Road when a flashover happened. That’s where all the contents of a house burst into flames.

Those flames ended up burning the three firefighters. They were rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital.

While the firefighters have medical insurance through the county and will get worker’s compensation for their work-related injuries, many firefighters work multiple jobs to support their families. These burns mean not being able to work either job.

Firefighter Frank Barker sustained third-degree burns to 20% of his body. He’s already had reconstructive surgery for his hand and will require more surgery, bed rest, and rehab.

“Right now, his main thing is just to recover and let those burns heal the best they can, try to make sure there are no complications with that, and the next thing from there is going to be a lot of rehab for everything else that comes with it, of course. A lot of bed rest, your muscles are going to be real weak, so, it’s going to be a big rehab for things outside from the burns,” said Perdomo.

Those medical bills and being out of work will add up for Barker since he has four kids and another on the way and his wife will have to take care of him.

That’s why the Local 1492 Dekalb County Professional Firefighters are trying to raise $40,000 for the Barker family.

“We look out for each other in the worst times we have. Besides that, being the main reason that we’re doing it, Frank has dedicated his adult life to serving others. He spent ten years in the U.S. Army, served two tours in Iraq, and joined the fire department a little over a year ago, so, he’s really dedicated his life to helping others. I think it’s time we help him out,” said Perdomo.

You can donate to help the Barkers here.

Decaturish media partner Atlanta News First provided this story.