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Atlanta’s Swim Lessons Oasis

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Atlanta’s Swim Lessons Oasis


Special promotional content provided by Water Wings. 

Atlanta, GA — Water Wings Swim, an outdoor swim lessons company, has provided children a safe and engaging environment to become skilled swimmers since its establishment in 2005.

Nestled conveniently in Intown Atlanta’s east side, with locations in Kirkwood, East Atlanta, Ormewood Park, and Grant Park, Water Wings offers comprehensive swim lessons for children. Dr. Zeke Alejandro, the visionary behind the company, prioritizes safety, skill development, and instilling a love for swimming. Their teaching approach follows each child’s pace, guiding them through essential skills while creating a structured yet playful atmosphere that fosters confidence and aquatic adventure.

During the lesson, the engagement of young swimmers is maintained by a team of instructors. The lead instructor provides the instruction, while a trained co-lead, accompanied by multiple assistant instructors, ensures the children remain engaged. They achieve this by creating various opportunities for the young swimmers to participate in numerous activities that align with the essential skills of the class or course level. 

The success of Water Wings Swim can be attributed to its exceptional team of highly trained instructors. Many of these instructors are certified teachers specializing in young and school-age children, including those with special needs, bringing a wealth of expertise to the swimming lessons. Their dedication is evident in their ability to adapt their teaching style to meet the unique needs of each child, ensuring that the lessons are both effective and enjoyable. With an impressive 1:2 swimmer/instructor ratio for Learn-to-Swim classes and 1:3 for Become-a-Skilled-Swimmer courses, personalized attention, and support take center stage in every child’s swimming experience.

Parents and participants have showered Water Wings Swim with glowing reviews, testifying to the company’s commitment to excellence. Tasheen R., a satisfied parent, expressed her love for Water Wings Swim, stating, “I love Water Wings Swim. The one-on-one experience was great for my 4-year-old daughter. The trainers were kid-friendly and very patient with all the kids.”

Lauren K., another delighted parent, shared her experience, saying, “We cannot express how much we love Water Wings Swim. The one-on-one model is fantastic, and as a former college swimmer, I can attest to the exceptional quality of Dr. Zeke’s teaching staff.”

The positive feedback extends to Audrey Ann S., who said, “Our daughter took two classes with Water Wings this summer, and she thrived! Zeke and Toni are awesome with young kids and teach them so much–in a fun and unintimidating way.”

These testimonials highlight the remarkable experiences families have had with Water Wings Swim. Jenna F. added her voice to the chorus of praise, saying, “We had a great experience with our 1-year-old in the ‘Wing Buddies’ class! The instructors were great, as was the location.”

Water Wings Swim’s commitment to nurturing students’ growth and development shines through in Tamieka A’s review: “Zeke and all of the teachers are excellent. They truly care for the students and are invested in their growth and development as swimmers.”

Jack H. also commended Water Wings Swim, stating, “Fun program in an intimate setting. Instructors are well-versed. A lot of attention for little ones learning to swim! Our kids have learned a lot!”

Sarah P. expressed gratitude, saying, “So thankful for Water Wings Swim! My little one is learning to respect and enjoy the water at the same time.”

With a multitude of testimonials highlighting their exceptional instruction and dedication to children’s progress, Water Wings Swim has solidified its position as Atlanta’s premier swim lessons provider. Driven by a genuine passion for helping children develop crucial swimming skills, Water Wings Swim is committed to the growth and success of each student.

As summer approaches, Water Wings Swim extends a warm invitation to families, encouraging them to embark on a transformative swimming journey. With their commitment to excellence and a personalized approach to instruction, Water Wings Swim is dedicated to helping families create skilled swimmers together. To learn more about Water Wings Swim and enroll, please visit www.waterwingsswim.com.