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Craftsman gem built in 1923 seamlessly blends vintage charm with contemporary comfort

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Craftsman gem built in 1923 seamlessly blends vintage charm with contemporary comfort

723 S. Candler is 5 bedrooms, 3 baths & 3,288 sq feet. It is currently listed at $800,000.

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A few blocks South of the Agnes Scott Historic District sits a home that has captivated the hearts of its owners, Kristine and Dale Stubbs. Steeped in history, this Craftsman gem built in 1923 seamlessly blends vintage charm with contemporary comfort, creating a spacious retreat that envelops you in a warmth from the moment you step inside.

The homeowners (and sellers’) eyes light up as they discuss their beloved abode and the vibrant neighborhood it calls home.

“Our home is truly a dream come true,” Kristine said. “One of the things we absolutely adore is its incredible location. We can easily walk to Oakhurst and Decatur Square. And let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like sitting on the swing on our front porch in the mornings, enjoying a cup of coffee as the world awakens.”

“You couldn’t ask for a better neighborhood. It’s brimming with energy and character. We’ve formed lasting connections with our neighbors, and it genuinely feels like a close-knit community. This house has become our true home,” adds Dale.

Kristine and Dale Stubbs

When asked about the distinctive features that make their home truly special, Dale’s eyes light up with enthusiasm.

“There’s a hidden treasure right behind our property—a trail that leads to a tranquil stream. And what makes it even more enchanting is a fallen tree that acts as a natural bridge,” he said. “It’s a serene spot where we can find solace. Well, except for that one hilarious incident when Kristine misjudged her balance and took an unexpected dip in the stream! We still laugh about it to this day.”

Kristine reflected on her time living in the home as her gaze drifted across the room.

“The layout and design of this house truly contribute to our comfort and functionality,” Kristene said. “The two bedrooms on the lower level are a haven for our children, offering them their own space for that much needed teenager privacy. And with the ample storage available, we can effortlessly keep everything organized, from our cherished camping gear to treasured keepsakes.”

“Right after purchasing this house, we celebrated our wedding,” Kristine added. “It was such a special time. Many of our relatives stayed with us in the mostly empty house, creating a lively atmosphere filled with love and laughter. Those memories will forever hold a special place in our hearts.”

When asked about their favorite spots in the house, Dale said, “The basement den is our go-to place for relaxation, where we can unwind and enjoy our favorite TV shows. And the fire pit in our backyard has become a gathering spot for cherished moments—roasting marshmallows and basking in the warmth of a crackling fire.”

Proudly discussing upgrades they’ve made, Kristine highlighted a few improvements.

“We tiled the basement floor and ensured that the bedrooms and office were hardwired to the modem, eliminating any pesky computer lags,” she said. “We also added shelves in the kitchen pantry. Additionally, we added a much-appreciated extra closet to the master bath, creating his and hers spaces that bring a touch of luxury to our daily routines.”

An added bonus: “The neighbors on both sides have been incredible,” Dale said warmly. “We’ve formed genuine friendships and shared countless unforgettable moments. Their presence has truly enriched our lives and made this area feel like home.”

723 S. Candler is 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and 3,288 sq feet. It is currently listed at $800,000. For more photos, click here.

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