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Duluth Police: Discovery of body prompts search of bombing suspect’s Decatur home

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Duluth Police: Discovery of body prompts search of bombing suspect’s Decatur home

Duluth Police Department Crime Scene Investigations at a home on Scott Boulevard in Decatur, on Monday, June 20, 2023. Several unmarked vehicles were also on the scene. Photo by Dean Hesse.

Duluth, GA — On June 2, an attorney contacted Duluth Police and said he was representing a young man who found human remains “on his father’s property” while he was cleaning it.

The property, located in the 4300 block of Abbotts Bridge Road, is used for commercial purposes, according to property tax records and Google Maps. The attorney didn’t identify his client. But the call and the subsequent discovery of the body at the property prompted Duluth Police to search the Decatur home of a man accused of bombing an ATM at North DeKalb Mall.

Duluth Police searched the home on June 20, but it is not known what they found, if anything. The home, located at 748 Scott Boulevard near Westchester Elementary, was the residence of Abdurrahim Jalal, a landscaper accused of bombing an ATM at North DeKalb Mall back in March. He faces numerous charges in connection to that case and had eight more pipe bombs in his Decatur home when agents arrested him on April 29, according to a federal complaint.

A booking photo of Abdurrahim Jalal. Photo provided by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office.

Federal investigators believe he had plans to destroy more ATMs. The day before his arrest, Jalal allegedly visited a tool store and purchased multiple items, including a blue air hose, an air hose repair kit, work gloves, a pry bar, and a face mask, similar to the items used in the March 29 ATM bombing.

Jalal is not the owner of record for the Abbotts Bridge Road property in Duluth, and it’s unclear whether he was a tenant of the property. It’s also not clear where the body was found on the property.

Decaturish filed a records request asking for any documents that might shed light on the June 20 search of Jalal’s home. Duluth Police provided the report about the body found on Abbotts Bridge Road in response. A spokesperson for Duluth Police connected that report to a press release sent on July 5 asking for the public’s help identifying a woman found on June 2.

“The Duluth Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a deceased female who was discovered in the City of Duluth on June 2, 2023,” the July 5 press release says. “Despite the efforts of Duluth detectives, the woman’s identity remains unknown. She is believed to be an African American female aged between 25-35 and measuring between 5’1″ to 5’5″ in height. Additionally, she had multiple body piercings and an unidentified tattoo on her back.”

The press release includes this photo:

Image provided by Duluth Police

“If you have any information that could help identify this woman, please contact the Duluth Police Department at 770-497-5000,” the press release concludes.

The spokesperson for Duluth Police said the woman’s cause of death hasn’t been determined.

Jalal, the ATM bombing suspect, remains in the DeKalb County Jail. For more information about the ATM bombing case, click here.

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