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Temporary traffic-calming measures on the way for Rockborough Drive in Stone Mountain

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Temporary traffic-calming measures on the way for Rockborough Drive in Stone Mountain

City of Stone Mountain seal on the historic railroad depot. Photo by Dean Hesse.

By Jaedon Mason, contributor 

Stone Mountain, GA — Temporary traffic-calming measures will be installed on Rockborough Drive as the city works to address sinkholes along the road.

In March of last year, residents asked for traffic-calming measures on the corner of Rockborough Drive and Rockborough Terrace. In response the previous city administration sent out contractors to perform a traffic survey of the area. The contractor’s report came back saying traffic-calming measures were not recommended, and they had also found two sinkholes in the area. 

This kicked off two concurrent processes. The first was the beginning of the process to fix the sinkholes, and the second was the beginning of a citizen’s effort to get enough signatures on a petition to install traffic-calming devices. 

Since the contractor’s report recommended against installing traffic-calming measures, citizens need to get 64% of the people in the study area (the people residing in the 154 lots deemed as “in the area” of the corner of Rockborough Drive and Terrace) or 94 signatures on a petition to install traffic-calming devices. Councilmember Shawnette Bryant is leading the effort to collect signatures and has collected at least 24 so far, as of July 18.  

As for the sinkholes, the plan was to survey the holes, remove the debris that caused them, and then fill the holes. However, in the second survey, where cameras were sent into the holes themselves, the survey found the debris that caused the sinkholes was larger than anticipated and the contractor that surveyed the holes didn’t have the equipment to remove it. 

When the holes were surveyed, city staff was also notified that the pipes themselves may be significantly damaged as the city explored options for cleaning the pipe out. 

During the July 18 Stone Mountain City Council meeting, City Manager Darnetta Tyus informed the council that the city has since learned that the pipe needs to be entirely replaced, is finalizing an RFP to be sent out next week, and is expecting to hear back within 45 days.

The city has planned to install four temporary traffic-calming devices. Since these devices are not permanent, the 94 signatures are not needed, and they will serve temporarily until the necessary signatures are collected, while the pipe is being replaced. 

In other news, the city council discussed.

— Approval for the contract of demolition for 865 Main Street property next to city hall. Code compliance reached out for three different quotes, and finally contracted out to KissBerg Construction and Demolition. The final day for demolition isn’t decided, but the city expects it to happen in less than 30 days. The cost for demolition and clearing of the site is $21,830.56. After site demolition, the granite will be cleaned and transferred to public works, where the public can claim it for two days. Public Works is also looking into alternative uses for the leftover granite. 

— The First National Flag of the Confederacy that was put back up in the cemetery on 1025 Silver Hill Road. The Sons of Confederate Veterans continue to claim that the flag pole does not violate any ordinance, and citizens of the city continue to voice their support for the flagpole to be taken down. 

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