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Decatur proposes repaving, adding new crosswalks on Coventry Road

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Decatur proposes repaving, adding new crosswalks on Coventry Road

Phase one traffic-calming improvements on Coventry Road in Decatur include repaving the road, repairing the sidewalk and adding two raised crosswalks. Photo courtesy of the city of Decatur.

Decatur, GA — The city of Decatur has been working to propose traffic safety measures for Coventry Road. The proposal recommends repaving the road, repairing the sidewalk and adding two raised crosswalks.

The city and consultant team held a public meeting on Thursday, Sept. 28, to discuss the project and gather feedback. The community met in July to review and share feedback on potential roadway interventions and traffic data. The input was incorporated into designs that are now ready for public review.

An online survey is also available. For more information about the project and to take the survey, click here.

According to a presentation from the meeting, the areas of concern on Coventry Road are traffic speeds and volume, addressing cut-through traffic, promoting multimodal initiatives, and promoting safety.

The final traffic-calming recommendations would be made this fall to be included in the city’s Local Maintenance Improvement Grant. The proposed measures would then be implemented in spring 2024. The project on Coventry Road begins at Scott Boulevard and goes to the city limits, which is the railroad just past North Parkwood Road.

Currently, there are no separate bike lanes on Coventry Road, no sidewalk on the north side of the road, and no mid-block crosswalk. The speed bumps don’t connect to the sidewalk.

Phase one improvements could include repaving Coventry Road and restriping the center line and all pavement markings. The new road layout would be two 10-foot travel lanes with on-street parking along sections of the road that would allow for about 25 parking spots. Chicanes would be added to shift lanes to slow traffic and allow parking to shift sides, according to the presentation.

The proposal also calls for the repair of the sidewalk on the south side of Coventry Road where necessary and adding ADA ramps where needed. A new segment of sidewalk is included in the plans as well for the north side of the road between North Parkwood Road and the railroad. Additionally, two raised crosswalks are recommended – one across Coventry between Merrill Avenue and Chelsea Drive, and the other across Coventry on the north side of North Parkwood Road.

An additional crosswalk would be painted at grade across Coventry Road between the Emory Chase Condominiums and Kathryn Avenue.

Other improvements include realigning side streets to meet perpendicular to Coventry Road and adding bollards in some areas to keep vehicles in traffic lanes, the presentation states.

The presentation outlines other long-term options for Coventry Road. Those improvements are:

– Adding a new sidewalk along the entire length of the north side of Coventry Road. It would be five feet wide with a two-foot landscape buffer.

– Building a new curb to follow the striping from phase one. This would also include 19 on-street parking spaces.

“Curb extensions and intersection narrowing will add greenspace to the area and more space for pedestrians,” the presentation says.

– Replacing traffic signals and updating the light timing to include turn signals from Coventry Road onto Scott Boulevard. This would require further study.

– Adding a new left turn lane from Coventry Road onto Scott Boulevard.

– Extending the culvert west of Kathryn Avenue to accommodate a new sidewalk.

– Improving the existing sidewalk on the south side of Coventry Road, where the curb would be moved. Driveways would also be rebuilt.

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