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Lush Plant Co. will close its Oakhurst store on Dec. 15

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Lush Plant Co. will close its Oakhurst store on Dec. 15

Andrea Kidd (left) and Jennifer Martha (right) started Lush Plant Co as a pop-up shop in 2020, and have been in their brick-and-mortar location since April 2021. Photo submitted by Andrea Kidd.

Decatur, GA — Lush Plant Co. announced it plans to close its store in Oakhurst on Dec. 15.

Lush Plant Co. started as a pop-up plant shop in August 2020, and is owned Andrea Kidd and operated in collaboration with her sister, Jennifer Martha.

At the time, there weren’t any houseplant shops in Decatur, and the pair felt the city needed one of its own.

Kidd and Martha opened Lush Plant Co in 2020 at Scout Oakhurst as a pop-up on the weekends. The sisters eventually realized they needed more space. They moved into the building at 317 W. Hill Street in April 2021.

Kidd said that the lease is running out and while the landlords have offered month-to-month extensions while she searches for a new space, she doesn’t think she’ll find one in the near future.

“We’ve known ever since we moved into this brick and mortar it wasn’t a log-term space,” Kidd said. 

Their landlords, the Solarium, leased space to the company during the pandemic when there weren’t any events happening. But things have picked back up, Kidd said.

Kidd added that her landlords have been kind to her, and she does not want her company’s loyal clients to pester them over her decision to close.

“I’ve been actively looking for a new space for a year now,” Kidd said. “I’ve been really actively looking for about six months now, and I just hit so many roadblocks along the way. The Solarium has been wonderful … I think there’s some people who will jump all over our landlords at the Solarium about it, I just want them to know they have offered us a month-to-month extension which we’ve chosen not to take because we feel like it’s delaying the inevitable.”

She said the business would also benefit from being in a busier location than its current spot, but finding one is easier said than done.

In a Facebook post, Lush thanked its customers for their support over the last few years. The company says it started with “a goal of spreading joy through plants in a time of great hardship and uncertainty for so many.”

“We have achieved that goal and are very proud of what our baby jungle achieved over the last three years,” the Facebook post says. “Working with plants and doing what we love has been a dream come true.”

The Facebook post notes Lush won’t disappear completely.

“Our physical doors are closing but keep an eye on our account as we hope to continue offering consultations, installations, maintenance and workshops,” the post says.

Reporter Zoe Seiler contributed to this story.

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