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Avondale Estates City Commission establishes greenspace advisory committee

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Avondale Estates City Commission establishes greenspace advisory committee

The Avondale Estates City Commission approved two new ordinances and a few stormwater contracts during its regular meeting on Nov. 8, 2023. Photo by Zoe Seiler.

Avondale Estates, GA — The Avondale Estates City Commission, at its Nov. 8 regular meeting, adopted an ordinance that creates a new greenspace advisory committee.

In order to establish the greenspace advisory committee, the city commission also approved an ordinance that abolishes the tree and lake boards.

The committee will have five members – with the option to add honorary members and subcommittees as needed – and the members will serve four-year terms. The honorary members would be non-voting members, so the city commission could bring in other areas of expertise from time to time.

“We’re looking for people with education and backgrounds in landscape architecture, park planning, landscape design, horticulture, master gardeners, tree experience, environmental management, environmental engineering, or any related field that [the city commission] thinks would be appropriate within the context,” Assistant City Manager Shannon Powell previously said.

The committee will meet quarterly. The ordinance also defines greenspace as “the outdoor grounds of any real property owned by the city of Avondale Estates.”

“Greenspace Advisory Committee members are expected to serve as advocates, educators, doers, and advisors on greenspaces projects and programs that protect, preserve, maintain, and enhance trees, parks, greenspace, and landscaping on public property within the City of Avondale Estates,” the ordinance says.

The committee will be responsible for helping with public education and outreach related to greenspace. It will provide recommendations and reports to the city manager related to greenspace initiatives and Lake Avondale. The committee would make recommendations to the city commission on proposed memorials or special matters. They’re also called to help with planning community-wide planting and landscaping events.

“I like the comprehensive nature of a greenspace committee because there’s more greenspace than just the lake and the trees on the verge,” Commissioner Lisa Shortell said.

In other business:

– The city commission also adopted a special events ordinance that places some guidelines on events held in public spaces and require a permit for some events.

“It puts some formal guidelines around people that would hold special events in the city, whether it be at the Town Green, whether it be at Willis Park or any of the other areas,” Mayor Pro Tem Brian Fisher said at the Oct. 25 city commission meeting. “I think it’s a good thing to formalize what that process needs to be, so that it’s consistent for anyone that asks.”

The draft ordinance facilitates and coordinates the review of special events within the city.

“This chapter focuses on public safety and adherence to local, state and federal laws and provides for special event public safety equipment, event sanitation and health, medical care and fire rescue, law enforcement, public safety event plans and traffic management plans and other city services,” the ordinance states.

The ordinance sets criteria for what would be considered a special event, which includes a gathering estimated to draw 50 or more people, the promoter requests or requires city services, the gather would restrict or require the exclusive use of any portion of public property, or the gathering would require a street closure.

An event that meets one or more of the criteria would need to a special event permit for an event planned on public property.

The ordinance also allows for exemptions for events hosted by the city, an event on private property, and a funeral procession. These events would not require a special events permit.

To read the ordinance, click here.

– The city commission approved a few contracts related to stormwater improvements. Here are the contracts:

– Contract With Dewberry Engineering For Stormwater Concepts On Hess And Wiltshire In An Amount Not To Exceed $17,000.

– Contract With Dewberry Engineering On Washington And Pine For Stormwater Engineering Services In An Amount Not To Exceed $51,355

– Contract With Dewberry Engineering On Kensington For Stormwater Engineering Services In An Amount Not To Exceed $52,375

– Contract With Dewberry Engineering For Dunwick Dr. Phase 2 For Stormwater Engineering Services In An Amount Not To Exceed $78,360

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