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Georgia state gas suspension to end Wednesday and cannot be extended

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Georgia state gas suspension to end Wednesday and cannot be extended

Georgia State Capitol. Photo by Dean Hesse.

BY Rahul Bali | WABE

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s suspension of the state gas tax is set to expire just before midnight on Wednesday, Nov. 29.

With the governor calling a special session to redraw Georgia’s congressional and state legislative lines following a recent federal court ruling, he cannot continue the suspension while lawmakers are in session, which begins Wednesday.

The end of the suspension means the state’s 31-cent-a-gallon tax on gas and 35-cent-a-gallon tax on diesel will kick back in. It will take a few days to kick in because the fuel tax is charged at the distributor level and not by gas stations.

When the special session ends, Gov. Kemp will have the option to suspend the tax again, but that power again goes away on Jan. 8 when state lawmakers return to the State Capitol for the regular session.

Gov. Kemp and the General Assembly first suspended the gas tax in March 2022. That suspension lasted through the end of May 2022. The governor then extended it on a month-by-month basis through January this year.

The General Assembly ratified that suspension during the 2023 legislative session.

The current gas tax suspension began on Sept. 12. It is expected to be ratified by state lawmakers during the redistricting special session.

According to AAA, Georgia has some of the lowest average gas prices at $2.81 a gallon of unleaded.

Decaturish media partner WABE provided this story