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Innovative High School Education: Academe of the Oaks’ Student-Centric Approach

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Innovative High School Education: Academe of the Oaks’ Student-Centric Approach

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In the ever-evolving social, emotional, and educational needs of teens, Academe of the Oaks shines as a beacon of innovation, where project-based learning takes precedence. Nestled in the heart of Decatur, Academe redefines high school education by prioritizing experiential learning, fostering community, and nurturing multifaceted growth in every student.

A Holistic Approach to Education

At Academe of the Oaks, education transcends conventional boundaries. The curriculum emphasizes project-based learning, empowering students to engage both individually and collaboratively. Through practical applications that breathe life into academic subjects, students cultivate analytical prowess, creative thinking, and a profound understanding of interconnected knowledge.

Community, Belonging, and Support

Every student feels seen, heard, and valued. A supportive network extends beyond academics, addressing the social and emotional needs integral to a student’s well-being. This approach empowers students to navigate challenges, fostering resilience and providing them with tools for success inside and outside the classroom.

Transforming Learning Profiles into Academic Confidence

Recognizing the uniqueness of each learning profile, academic support is tailored to meet different accommodations. Students are equipped with essential tools and strategies, enabling them to transform their distinct learning profiles into academic confidence, paving the way for remarkable success beyond their high school years.

“Academe provides an atmosphere for open discussion. You feel your opinions are valuable, so you learn to value the views and ideas of everyone else. Your mind develops and you learn so much more because of this openness.”  – Academe Alum  

College Preparedness and Beyond

The curriculum not only focuses on academic excellence but also instills the skills necessary for success in higher education and beyond. Graduates of Academe of the Oaks are well-prepared for college, equipped with critical thinking, adaptability, and a holistic approach to learning that ensures their readiness for the challenges of the future. 

“Academe of the Oaks provided an environment where my child felt supported and encouraged to explore their interests. The project-based learning approach helped them develop a passion for learning that continues to drive their academic success.” – Parent  

Exploring Cultures, Expanding Horizons

High school students often dream of immersing themselves in another country’s culture, language, and geography. Through our partnership with Waldorf schools worldwide, this dream becomes a reality for students at Academe of the Oaks. Sophomores or juniors can apply to participate in our international exchange program, a transformative experience that places students with families in countries such as Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Peru, Israel, and Japan.

Discover the Academe of the Oaks Difference

Academe isn’t just a school; it’s an educational journey that transforms perspectives, shapes futures, and nurtures excellence. Join us and embark on a discovery of academic innovation, community, and holistic growth. Schedule a tour today: https://academeatlanta.org/information-sessions/