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Major gas leak reported at Kathryn Ave and Coventry Road in Decatur

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Major gas leak reported at Kathryn Ave and Coventry Road in Decatur

A reader provided this photo from the scene of a gas leak at Kathryn Avenue and Coventry Road.

Update on Feb. 1, 8 a.m.: The Decatur Fire Department says the leak has been repaired, but there’s still work to be done. Fire Chief Toni Washington said, “The gas leak has been repaired. However, crews from DeKalb Watershed and AGL are still working to repair the water leak and fix the sidewalk and street.”

Washington said traffic has been affected. 

“Coventry Road has been blocked from Merrill Avenue to Kathryn Ave because of the repairs,” Washington said.

Update at 9:45 p.m.: A reader who lives near the scene relayed the following: 

Here’s an update in case you’re interested.  I talked to one of the crew that started the re-paving on Coventry this morning.  He said the water lines were marked off on the street incorrectly, and they hit a water line. So the water department came out to fix the water line, and in the process, they broke the gas line. I can’t vouch whether this is how things actually happened, but I was told the same thing earlier today by someone else on the paving crew.

They still haven’t fixed it yet, 4.5 hours and counting.

Update at 9:23 p.m.: The Decatur Fire Department says repairs to the gas line are still underway. Here’s our previous story …

Decatur, GA — The city of Decatur reports there’s a major gas leak at Kathryn Avenue and Coventry Road in Decatur.

The city confirmed the gas leak on Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 31. A reader told Decaturish homes are being evacuated, and the city confirmed that five houses and one building with multiple units at Emory Chase condos have been evacuated.

The city posted a message on Facebook that said, “Warning: Due to a gas leak, the intersection of Kathryn Ave and Coventry Road is closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic until further notice. Atlanta Gas Light is currently on scene.”

A reader sent this video from the scene:

Decaturish is working with media partner Atlanta News First to gather more information. This story will be updated when we have additional details.

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