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May 21 election will reshape DeKalb BOE; incumbent legislators face challenges

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May 21 election will reshape DeKalb BOE; incumbent legislators face challenges

A sign encouraging people to vote displayed in Avondale Estates. Photo by Dean Hesse.

This story has been updated. 

DeKalb County, GA — The May 21 election will significantly change the DeKalb County Board of Education.

Three incumbent school board members declined to run again. In addition, incumbent legislators in DeKalb County will face primary challengers this year. Early voting will begin on April 29.

Three board members—Anna Hill, Vicki Turner, and Dr. Joyce Morley—decided not to run again. All three were involved in a controversial decision to fire previous superintendent Cheryl Watson-Harris in 2022. In addition, one board member who voted against that decision, Deirdre Pierce, picked up a challenger this year.

The elections also affect local government in another way. Candidates holding elected office and qualifying to run for a different office usually vacate their seats. Two county commissioners who qualified to run for CEO had to leave their current seats to do so while a third will remain on the commission. For more information about why that happened and the process for filling those vacancies, click here.

Here are the candidates who qualified for local, state, and federal races in DeKalb County. Incumbents are noted with an (I) next to their name. When a race is nonpartisan, a candidate’s party affiliation will be listed as NP.

Decaturish will provide coverage during the election, including candidate Q&As, letters to the editor, and forums for some races. We are collaborating with Atlanta News First on a DeKalb County CEO forum. Forum dates and times will be announced when they are scheduled.

County races

RaceCandidate NamePosition SeekingParty
DeKalb CEOLarry JohnsonCEOD
DeKalb CEOLorraine Cochran-JohnsonCEOD
DeKalb CEOSteve BradshawCEOD
DeKalb BOCAndy YeomanDeKalb BOC District 1D
DeKalb BOCRobert Patrick (I)DeKalb BOC District 1D
DeKalb BOCChakira JohnsonDeKalb BOC District 4D
DeKalb BOCGabrielle RogersDeKalb BOC District 4D
DeKalb BOCLance HammondsDeKalb BOC District 4D
DeKalb BOCRita ScottDeKalb BOC District 4D
DeKalb BOCMereda Davis Johnson (I)DeKalb BOC District 5D
DeKalb BOCGina ManghamDeKalb BOC District 5D
DeKalb BOCTed TerryDeKalb BOC District 6D
DeKalb BOEAndrew ZifferDeKalb School Board District 1NP
DeKalb BOEAustin McDonaldDeKalb School Board District 1NP
DeKalb BOEDeidra Rossell WrightDeKalb School Board District 3NP
DeKalb BOEDeirdre Pierce (I)DeKalb School Board District 3NP
DeKalb BOEDonna Priest-BrownDeKalb School Board District 5NP
DeKalb BOEManus CaldwellDeKalb School Board District 5NP
DeKalb BOETelessa AmmonsDeKalb School Board District 5NP
DeKalb BOETiffany Tate HoganDeKalb School Board District 5NP
DeKalb BOEAwet EyasuDeKalb School Board District 7NP
State Court JudgeYolanda MackJudge of State Court of DeKalb County Division A-3NP
State Court JudgeMecca AndersonJudge of State Court of DeKalb County Division A-3NP
State Court JudgeDionne McGeeJudge of State Court of DeKalb County Division A-3NP
State Court JudgeAna Maria Martinez (I)Judge of State Court of DeKalb County Division A-6NP
State Court JudgeTyshawn Yvonne JacksonJudge of State Court of DeKalb County Division A-6NP
Tax CommissionerIrvin Johnson (I)Tax CommissionerD
DeKalb County SheriffMelody Maddox (I)SheriffD
Solicitor GeneralDonna Coleman Stribling (I)Solicitor GeneralD
District AttorneySherry Boston (I)District Attorney, Stone Mountain Judicial CircuitD
Soil and WaterDell MacGregorSoil and WaterNP
Chief MagistrateBerryl AndersonChief MagistrateD
Clerk of Superior CourtDebra DeberryClerk of Superior CourtD

Legislative races

State HouseShea Roberts (I)District 52D
State HouseRobery Brandon McNeilyDistrict 52R
State HouseBrian AndersonDistrict 80R
State HouseLong Tran (I)District 80D
State HouseCatherine BernardDistrict 83R
State HouseKaren LuptonDistrict 83D
State HouseHunter KempDistrict 84D
State HouseMary Margaret Oliver (I)District 84D
State HouseKarla Drenner (I)District 85D
State HouseImani Barnes (I)District 86D
State HouseBarry ZisholtzDistrict 86R
State HouseViola Davis (I)District 87D
State HouseBilly Mitchell (I)District 88D
State HouseWilliam Park FreemanDistrict 88R
State HouseOmari Crawford (I)District 89D
State HouseBecky Evans (I)District 90D
State HouseSaira Draper (I)District 90D
State HouseAngela Moore (I)District 91D
State HouseDee Dawkins-HaiglerDistrict 91D
State HouseMarcus AkinsDistrict 91D
State HouseDoreen Carter (I)District 93D
State HouseKaren Bennett (I)District 94D
State HouseDar’shun Kendrick (I)District 95D
State HouseKendra BiegalskiDistrict 101R
State HouseScott Holcomb (I)District 101D
State HouseRegina Lewis-Ward (I)District 115D
State HouseReign StevensDistrict 116R
State HouseEl-Mahdi Holly (I)District 116D
State SenateEmanuel Jones (I)District 10D
State SenateFurquan StaffordDistrict 10R
State SenateDavid LubinDistrict 40D
State SenateSally Harrell (I)District 40D
State SenateAmelia SiamomuaDistrict 40R
State SenateTyion FieldsDistrict 41D
State SenateKim Jackson (I)District 41D
State SenateJeff NewlinDistrict 41R
State SenateTonya Anderson (I)District 43D
State SenateElena ParentDistrict 44D
State SenateNadine ThomasDistrict 44D
State SenateIris HamiltonDistrict 55D
State SenateOsborn MurrayDistrict 55D
State SenateRandal ManghamDistrict 55D
State SenateRobin BiroDistrict 55D
State SenateVerdaillia TurnerDistrict 55D
State SenateMary Williams BenefieldDistrict 55R
US HouseHank Johnson (I)District 4D
US HouseEugene YuDistrict 4R
US HouseNikema Williams (I)District 5D
US HouseJohn SalvesenDistrict 5R
US HouseBrian K JohnsonDistrict 13D
US HouseDavid Scott (I)District 13D
US HouseKaren ReneDistrict 13D
US HouseMarcus FlowersDistrict 13D
US HouseMark BakerDistrict 13D
US HouseRashid MalikDistrict 13D
US HouseUloma KamaDistrict 13D
US HouseJohsie Cruz FletcherDistrict 13R
US HouseJonathan ChavezDistrict 13R

Assistant Editor Zoe Seiler contributed to this story.

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