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New cities – LaVista Hills


A map showing the proposed boundaries for a city of LaVista Hills. Source: LaVista HillsYES

The proposed city of LaVista Hills was announced on Nov. 17. It combines the maps of the former Lakeside and Briarcliff cityhood movements.

Website: http://lavistahills.nationbuilder.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lakeside-YES/455225481288880

Feasibility study: http://lavistahills.nationbuilder.com/feasibility_study


Mary Kay Woodworth – 770-395-7337    mkwoodworth@gmail.com

Allen Venet – 404-329-8954     avenet@bellsouth.net


Fast Facts: 

– Proposed population of 72,000

– Proposal overlaps with other proposals including a proposed city of Tucker, and proposed annexations by the cities of Brookhaven and Atlanta.

– Supported by state Sen. Fran Millar.

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