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Decatur, Georgia annexation plans

Decatur's annexation master plan.

Decatur’s annexation master plan.

All info obtained via: http://www.decaturga.com/index.aspx?page=660

Decatur annexation presentation from Nov. 12, 2014:

BOE CSD work session presentation

Decatur’s annexation timeline:

April 21 – Decatur annexes the Parkwood neighborhood.

June 16 – Decatur announces moratorium on annexation petitions. The City Commission votes to annex properties on Derrydown Way.

Nov. 12 – Joint Work session between Decatur City Commission and Decatur Board of Education. (To see an article about this work session, click here.)

Dec. 1 – Final annexation master plan completed.

Dec. 15- Decatur City Commission approves annexation plan.

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