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Lounge owner cited for not having valid business permit

Kirkwood and East Lake

Lounge owner cited for not having valid business permit

An Atlanta Police vehicle. Source: Wikimedia Commons

An Atlanta Police vehicle. Source: Wikimedia Commons

This story has been updated. 

Atlanta Police have cited the owner of a club in Kirkwood for not having a valid business permit.

It’s the latest episode involving Morris Restaurant and Lounge. The club’s owners have been feuding with neighbors about noise emanating from the business, which has been in the Kirkwood community since the 1960’s. Last year the club received two citations for violations of the city’s noise ordinance and police also responded to an assault call after the owner’s brother allegedly threatened him with a gun.

Atlanta Police say that at 2:23 am on Feb. 1 an officer went to Morris Restaurant and Lounge “in reference to a dispute with multiple individuals and an extra job officer.”

According to a narrative submitted by Atlanta Police, an officer was working at the lounge, which is located at 2254 Oakview Road. The officer said, “I was approached by an employee in reference to a belligerent subject.”

The officer approached a man who was arguing with another customer and told him to leave. As the officer and the man were walking toward the exit, a woman grabbed the officer and told him the man was her uncle.

“I then gave the female several verbal commands to get back and she refused to comply,” the officer wrote. “After several verbal commands to step back and the female continuously stating, ‘That’s my uncle. That’s my uncle,’ I then attempted to place the female in custody.”

When the officer tried to place the woman into custody, the woman’s mother grabbed the officer and said, “Officer, that’s my daughter.”

“As she grabbed my arm, several patrons from the establishment quickly intervened on my behalf and I was able to gain control of the … suspect,” the officer wrote.

The officer escorted the woman out of the lounge in handcuffs. After he left, another fight broke out between the patrons.

“I then immediately called for back up and the restaurant bouncer quickly broke up the fight,” the officer wrote.

Another woman and her husband were assaulted, but they couldn’t identify their attacker, the officer wrote.

After other Atlanta Police officers arrived, one officer went inside the business and spoke to owner Franklin Morris. The officer asked to see the business, food and alcohol permits.

“Mr. Morris was able to produce valid food and alcohol permits but wasn’t able to produce a valid business permit,” the police report says. “The business permit that was presented had expired. Mr. Morris stated the business permit was already purchased and he was waiting for the permits to arrive. Since Mr. Morris wasn’t able to produce a valid business permit, Mr. Morris was cited and charged with a copy of charges with SEC. 30-566 Permit Required.”

The sons have been running the business since their father, Franklin Sr., passed. The family says their newer neighbors are trying to run them out of the neighborhood. The neighbors say they just want the club to rein in some of the allegedly rowdy behavior surrounding it.

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