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Tres Jolie opening in old Terrapin Station store, seeking job applicants

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Tres Jolie opening in old Terrapin Station store, seeking job applicants

Photo by Dena Mellick.
Photo by Dena Mellick.

Photo by Dena Mellick.

A local retail store is opening a second location within the city of Decatur.

Last month, head shop Terrapin Station abruptly shut its doors due to low sales. The business is located next to Java Monkey.

Now a sign up is advertising job openings for Tres Jolie Boutique. The company is seeking people with experience in retail and customer service. The store is expected to open this month.

According to the city’s Decatur Focus magazine, the company is a second location of Boutique Karma, a women’s clothing store with locations in Decatur and Morningside.

“Jay Mehta, owner of Boutique Karma, is opening a second store in downtown Decatur focused on younger customers,” the blurb in the Decatur Focus says. “Très Jolie will open later this month at 427 Church St. in the former Terrapin Station location.”

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