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Little girl who bravely battled cancer passes away


Little girl who bravely battled cancer passes away

Bianka. Source: https://biankakucelin.wordpress.com/
Bianka. Source: https://biankakucelin.wordpress.com/

Bianka. Source: https://biankakucelin.wordpress.com/

The Kirkwood community is mourning today after the news that Bianka Kucelin, 5, lost her battle with a rare, aggressive form of brain cancer.

Kucelin passed away on July 29, according to messages posted by her friends and family on social media.

Kirkwood rallied behind Bianka and her family as she fought a supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumour, a condition that only affects about 30 kids each year. Doctors discovered the tumor in February 2014.

Neighbors provided support, both spiritual and financial. One paid for a second opinion of Bianka’s diagnosis. Another secured medicine from abroad. A member of her local running group created and sold t-shirts, then donated the proceeds to Bianka’s medical fund. Many neighbors brought the family groceries

To read more about her valiant fight, and the generosity Kirkwood showed a neighbor in need, click here.

Decaturish contributor Kim Hutcherson contributed to this story. 

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