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Winnona Park candidates forum will be held on Oct. 20

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Winnona Park candidates forum will be held on Oct. 20

File Photo provided by Dena Mellick
File Photo provided by Dena Mellick

File Photo provided by Dena Mellick

The Winnona Park Neighborhood Association is holding a candidates forum on Oct. 20.

The forum begins at  7 p.m. at Winnona Park Elementary School, 510 Avery St, Decatur, GA 30030.

“The exclusive purpose of this meeting will be a candidate forum for commission and school board candidates that our membership will have the opportunity to vote for,” an announcement from Winnona Park Elementary says. “Time will also be given to discuss the facts about GO Bond referendum on November’s ballot. This forum will be limited to the Zone 2 and at-large races, and no other WPNA business will be conducted at the meeting.”

The GO Bond referendum will ask voters to approve allowing City Schools of Decatur to borrow $75 million to pay for school construction projects.

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The following candidates will attend the Oct. 20 event:

City Commissioner At Large

Tony Powers
John Ridley

City Commissioner District 2, Post B

James Johnson
Brian Smith

City Board of Education District 2, Post B

Thomas Desimone
Tasha Rose White

The municipal elections are Nov. 3.

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