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Steel City Pops space listed for lease

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Steel City Pops space listed for lease

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Steel City Pops' production kitchen and store in downtown Decatur. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt


Steel City Pops wants to lease its space in Decatur to another business.

The advertisement for the spot was posted on Aug. 5 and the broker is Steven Josovitz with The Shumacher Group.

“We’re looking for someone to buy it, so we’re selling the assets, furniture fixtures and equipment,” he said. “We’re hopeful to sell it to a restaurant, another dessert company.”

The rent for the space is $10,280 per month. The news comes days after Tomorrow’s News Today reported that the Birmingham-based Popsicle company was pulling out of the Madison Yards project in Reynoldstown.

Josovitz said that the company has told him it is leaving the Atlanta market.

“They have other markets they’re growing, and they want to focus on other markets,” he said.

The move raises a question about whether the company’s primary competitor, King of Pops, will be invited back to vend in public spaces in Decatur.

A recent Decaturish investigation revealed that the city of Decatur took numerous steps to promote Steel City Pops while pushing the company’s primary competitor, King of Pops, out of the Decatur Square.

Decatur gave Steel City Pops exclusive privileges to vend on the Decatur Square and in Harmony Park. The city says that this is because there’s a policy that the city should give preferences to local vendors, but no formal written policy exists. Butter & Cream had inquired about putting a cart on the Square previously but was not invited to submit a proposal when Steel City Pops and King of Pops submitted theirs.

Following the series, the city gave local ice cream shop Butter & Cream an opportunity to vend in the Square.

The city also contacted festivals and urged them to select Steel City Pops as a vendor in addition to, or instead of, King of Pops. The building Steel City Pops rents is owned by a member of the city’s Downtown Development Authority and one of the key people making decisions about vendor carts, Assistant City Manager Lyn Menne, draws a retirement benefit from the DDA.

The owner of the building, Fisher Paty, and a representative for Steel City Pops could not be immediately reached for comment.

Josovitz said he’s already received inquiries from people interested in the space.

“I do have restaurants looking at it,” he said.

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