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Son of a Bear closing in Decatur following Taiyo closure

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Son of a Bear closing in Decatur following Taiyo closure

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Korean Wives Hospitality Group appears to be moving on from Decatur.

The company’s last remaining Decatur restaurant, Son of a Bear, is closing its doors today, Sept. 7. Son of a Bear is located in the Oakhurst neighborhood.

The company says it will focus its efforts on Salaryman, which slated for the Hosea + 2nd development. Salaryman will take over the space formerly occupied by Mary Hoopa’s House of Fried Chicken & Oysters.

“The Bear is going to sleep,” Son of a Bear said in a Facebook post. “Come out one last time before Son of a Bear closes after dinner service on Saturday, Sept 7. We know you’ll miss us, but don’t fret, we’re opening Salaryman very soon on the corner of Hosea & 2nd in East Lake, just a few blocks away. Some of your favorite dishes from SOB might even be on that new menu. For now, come out one last time and raise a glass of soju to Son of a Bear.”

In June, the company shut the doors of Taiyo Ramen after five years.

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